About the Institute.

The Global Legal Education Institute was founded upon the idea that foreign legal practitioners who want to engage the U.S. marketplace should be able develop the legal skills necessary to do so quickly and affordably.  Because foreign legal practitioners have years of experience and knowledge of their own legal system, the focus of GLEI courses is not on introducing participants to the basics of the law.  Rather, courses are designed to deliver high-impact substantive lessons on uniquely American legal concepts and to help participants to bridge the gap between their existing legal knowledge and the legal skills they will need to practice in a U.S. legal environment. 

GLEI courses are taught by legal practitioners with years of practice experience and specialized knowledge.  A prerequisite to teaching with GLEI is an active law license in the United States and training in legal instruction to a foreign legal practitioner audience.  This ensures that every GLEI instructor is able to deliver highly-effective seminars that leave the participants with the practical tools they need. 

The seminars that GLEI offers provide specialized and highly-focused lessons on a particular area of U.S. law, such as contract drafting, commercial law, and legal writing.  Each course includes customized materials, numerous hands-on exercises, and certificates of completion from GLEI.  Some courses include a special lecture and reception by the practitioner-instructor on a hot topic in the subject-area of the course.  Curse participants may attend these lectures at no additional cost.

The goal of GLEI is to educate foreign legal practitioners around the world with the lessons and skills necessary to practice in the U.S. legal environment.  If you are one of these practitioners, I encourage you to register for or request an upcoming course today.